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Pipe Tobacco

Welcome to the world of J. Paul Tucker's hand-blended, fine quality tobaccos. Below are some of our famous blends found at our Tobacco Bar. We take great care and pride in our large selection of quality-blended pipe tobaccos. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

My Blend (J. Paul Tucker's Private Stock)
This extremely mild, slow burning cool smoke is out most popular blend. Only the finest long-cut white Burley is blended with fire-cured black Cavendish. Discreetly flavored with Virginia and Maryland leaves, My Blend's aroma is desirable not only to the smoker, but also the company he keeps.

Our New Blend
Without this moist tobacco with a sweet aroma, our Tobacco Bar would not be complete! Enjoyed alone, or excellent with other tobaccos, New Blend furnishes the smoker with a high-quality Cavendish tobacco. This mild, fire-cured slow burning tobacco has a zesty flavor beyond compare.

Burley Bright Without A Bite
This excellent, double-cured ruff cut Burley is without the traditional bite. A light sweetening and flavoring allows Burley Bright to maintain that He-Man natural flavor, but furnishes a fabulous aroma. This blue ribbon favorite is the best in its class!

Special Blend #1
A fine cured black Cavendish blended with generous portions of a select, thin-cut golden Cavendish makes this blend a excellent, flavorful, mild, aromatic blend. Special Blend #1 will provide experienced smokers with a change of pace in both aroma and taste.

This blend is in a class by itself. Like the Kentucky Derby, Thoroughbred is a proven winner. Black Cavendish is blended with Virginia and Burley tobaccos. Very mild cherry and oriental spices give Thoroughbred an interesting and exceptional mild taste for the man who wants to find himself in the winner circle.

Red Chablis
From the vineyards of California, we've selected a vintage wine extract, which imparts a delicate bouquet and flavor in this rare, and choice blended tobacco. With a touch of class, Red Chablis should be savored like a fine aged wine. Enjoy this tobacco at your leisure.

Country Coffee
This blend is a super mixture of South American tobaccos dressed with the finest Columbian coffee extracts. Fill your pipe with a cup of Country Coffee and remember the aromas of your youth, or pretend you're sitting in a French sidewalk café. In either case, this blend affords the smoker an unforgettable experience, taste, and aroma.

Old South
This blend is an old favorite in a new setting. A mild smoke with a touch of peach flavors from orchards located in the old Georgia south. Old South is a must on a cool, lazy summer night.

Swiss Coconut
This fine, thin-cut Cavendish has an aroma that is unmistakable. Pleasing to both the smoker and his company, Swiss Coconut provides a mild, sweet experience.

With a name like this, how could a pipe connoisseur not enjoy this blend? A Burley tobacco blended with fire-cured Cavendish produces a mild, slow-burning smoke that offers an amazing flavor and aroma. Tobac, an old favorite, reminds each smoker why he enjoys lighting up and relaxing.

Derby Day (A Track Favorite)
Where else except the home of the "twin spires" could such an amazing blend be purchased? Derby Day offers a hit of Latakia mixed with generous portions of dark and light Cavendish. This blend is then topped with a light citrus flavor; which gives Derby Day its uniqueness -- just like the Kentucky Derby itself!

Mrs. T's Delight (Mrs. Tucker, That Is!)
This is a special tobacco was blended and names for a very special lady. A light rum-cured Dutch Cavendish is mixed with fire-cured dark tobaccos for an exceptionally mild smoke.

Dr. Berclay's Private Stock
This blend has been handed down over the centuries by the heirs of Dr. Clayton W. Berclay. It's a medium blend of Turkish Latakia, Perique, and Virginia tobaccos married together and recognized for the unmatched pleasure it brings.

This unique blend will leave you in mystery from the linger of its full English Oriental tobacco. Blended in the English-Balkan tradition, Turkish and Virginia tobaccos are enhanced with an ample amount of Latakia to produce a royal mixture without dilution.

Named after an old friend. This blend offers a cherry and Virginia dark combo that is mild and sweet. A blend of light and dark tobaccos makes this blend dog-gone good!

Chocolate Mountain
A light, slightly aromatic blend of light tobaccos that can be blended with other flavors or enjoyed by itself.

Blackberry Brandy
The name says it all. This customer favorite is hard to keep in stock. So, hurry and get it while you can!

Single Malt
This flavorful light and dark combo blended is infused with an amazing dream of single malt scotch. Put on your kilt and pack a bowl today!

A strong name, but a mild tobacco. This blend is made from a mixture of all light tobaccos and offers a hint of vanilla -- making it a very smooth smoke.