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A man with a passion. Paul Tucker (or “J Paul”, as he is better known) has grown up with a passion for fine tobacco products. In 1973, J Paul took his passion to another level when he opened his very first smoke shop. Today, the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe is home to more than 50 different brands of cigars and a walk-in humidor boasting 40,000 total cigars.

The Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe also offers the finest pipe tobacco available. With 40 distinct blends, pipe smokers have enjoyed J Paul’s hand selections for many years. J Paul's house speciality ("My Blend") is a personal favorite to many customers with its unique smooth and mild body and outstanding aroma.

While there’s nothing ordinary about J Paul or the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe, he offers tobacco products and accessories from the most common to the very rare. No matter what your experience is with fine tobacco, the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe has what you desire.

Why is the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe different from all the others?


The Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe is not the largest in the world, nor do they waste money on fancy adverting. However one thing is for sure, J Paul makes his customers feel like family.

With his many years of experience, J Paul and his team of highly-trained tobacconists take the time to help you choose the perfect product.

An Well-Recognized Industry Leader

J Paul believes in the products he sells...and to prove it, he's traveled the world in search of the best tobacco and accessories.

"The best tobacco is grown in warm, tropical regions close to the equator: Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ecuador," says J Paul. "And I've visited farms in all these places!"

Through his travels, J Paul has built strong, life-time relationships with many of the top cigar families around the world. It's through these relationships that J Paul has been able to stock the Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe with the world's finest tobacco.

Some of these elite, personal relationships include: Mickey Pegg & Mike Conder (CAO), Wayne Suarez & Carlito Fuente (Fuente Cigar Family), Litto Gomez (La Flor Dominicana), Don Alejandro Robaina (Cohiba, Robaina, Monte Cristo, and more!), Christian Eiroa (Camacho), Keith Park (God of Fire & Prometheus), Robert Levin (Ashton), and more!

  Short video of a professional Dominican Cigar Roller making cigars.

  Short video of workers in the tobacco fields in Panama.

  Watch the Fuente Cigar Family special.